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Country Population
(2007 est .)
% of
% user growth
Cyprus 788,457 356,000 45.2 197.2
Greece 10,706,290 3,800,000 35.5 280.0
490,430,321 273,234,619 55.9 189.5
Sources: www.internetworldstats.com and www.itu.int

Internet Usage in Cyprus

Internet usage by Cypriots is below the European Union average but well above the one of Greece.

Based on figures shown on the table for 2007, it is estimated that around 45% of Cypriots between 16 and 74 years use the Internet while the EU average is almost 56%. Also Cypriot businesses usage of Internet is among the lowest in the EU level. Specifically, at the beginning of 2005, the highest proportions of enterprises with internet access were recorded in Finland (98%), Denmark (97%), Slovenia and Sweden (both 96%). Only in Latvia (75%), Hungary (78%), Cyprus (85%), Lithuania (86%) and Poland (87%) were fewer than 90% of enterprises connected to the internet.

In the first quarter of 2005, 43% of individuals in the EU25 used the internet regularly, i.e. at least once a week, whether at home or at any other location. The highest levels of regular use were recorded in Sweden (76%), the Netherlands (74%) and Denmark (73%), and the lowest in Greece (18%), the Czech Republic and Cyprus (both 26%).

Based on 2005 figures, in Cyprus the internet is used more by men, with 28 per cent, as opposed to 24 per cent among women, a trend that exists throughout the EU member states with the exception of Finland and Estonia .

According to Eurostat, in most countries the internet is used more in the workplace rather than at home. For Cyprus 32% of the households 85% of enterprises have internet access.

But the figures presented in the above table are very encouraging for Cyprus and indicate a rapid increase in the usage of internet in Cyprus . Basic reasons that contribute in this direction are summarized below.

  • Internet users in Cyprus have increased since 2000 from 14.7% to 45.2% in 2007
  • Cable TV in Cyprus has sparkled a huge demand for fast/broadband internet connection at residential houses making internet even more accessible
  • Cyprus has always a trend of following other European countries in the usage of internet > additional increase in the use of internet by users is expected in the near future
  • People find it even more easy to first “internet shop” and then visit stores to buy
  • More and more people trust nowadays internet to purchase online

From the above is obvious that you do not want your company to be left out of this Modern Evolution ... on the contrary you want to lead the race . Exarsis Business Solutions can become your trusted internet partner offering you webpage design and development and web applications in Cyprus always with unique concepts, professional implementation and eye-catching look. We can offer you a wide range of services like basic static websites, advanced dynamic websites, flash animations and dedicated content management applications in order to take part in the new internet business reality. Also Exarsis Business Solutions Ltd can help you with website redesigns, emails

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Basic 500MB €15
Traffic: 6GB / Month
POP-3 E-mail Accounts: 50
» more info
Business 1000MB €21
Traffic: 10GB / Month
POP-3 E-mail Accounts: 100
» more info
Advanced 2000MB €29
Traffic: 15GB / Month
POP-3 E-mail Acc.: 200
» more info
Pro 5000MB €42
Traffic: 30GB / Month
POP-3 E-mail Acc.: 500
» more info
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